Trullo Settarte

Trullo for sale in Cisternino: this property is situated in one of the most beautiful and less densely populated contradas, Settarte. Still it´s situated only 4 km from the picturesque city, Cisternino, with medieval centre, shops and restaurants. – From the garden you have a wide view over the adjacent, southbound fields of two hectares, with almond, olive and fig trees. It´s a peaceful and unspoilt surrounding.
The house consists of three large and three smaller cones and two lamie (rooms with flat roofs). The oldest part is from the 18th century and the original details have been preserved, like the floors of limestone slabs, ”chianche”. There are three bedrooms, a large living room (7,5 X 3,2 m) with an open fire place, a spacious kitchen and a bathroom. There is a sitting area with another open fire and a second floor above, for storage or sleeping.
The area indoors is about 135 m2. Including the walls the area is 240 m2. There is also a rustic stable of about 100 m2 and a possibility to construct another 70 m2. The stable has a functioning stone oven.
What is unique about the house is its preserved original state, its generous size, the unusual light and the movement created in the house by the passage with five steps.

Contrada Settarte – Trullo for sale in Cisternino

-Stop the car. We want to take a closer look at those special looking houses. Our host continues driving and says calmly: -Just wait, you´ll see more. It´s our first visit to Valle d´Itria. Soon we find ourselves at a panoramic sight in Martina Franca. From there the valley is in front of our eyes: the unique buildings, the trulli, look like in a fairy tale. Like champignons, the whitechalked cone shaped roofs are popping out of the ground, surrounded by elongated plots with vines, olive and almond trees. From this moment we are obsessed. We have to stay here, to spend our holidays in a trullo. The long search began. We saw many houses, most of them dark with tiny rooms. Until we came to Settarte. It was love at first sight: The generous space, the preserved original details, the light, the movement in height within the house, the garden with the olive tree between the rustic stable and the house, the landmarks nearby, created by majestic pine trees and a red lamie. The peaceful surroundings and yet the closeness to the town. We´ve spent 16 happy years here. Now another chapter in life is approaching and we have to say goodbye with sadness. Wishing somebody else happy days here, enjoying the peaceful view of the fields or seeing the sunset paint the hills in red.

Facts: a large kitchen with 3 windows; a spatious (7,5X3,2) living room with an open fire, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a sitting area with an open fire, a second floor above, for sleeping or storage; a bathroom. Totally 135 m2 (indoors), 2 lamie, 6 cones (3 large, 3 smaller). A rustic stable of 100 m2 with a functioning stone oven. Garden with with trees and enclosed sitting area. Fields: 2 hectares. Possibility to construct about 70 extra m2.