Brian’s experience with Apulia Property Design

Puglia, how it went: We first visited Puglia and Valle D’Itria in the summer of 2005 as guests in a group of trulli with friends from Milan. We were enchanted by the countryside, the architecture of the local Trulli and Masserie, the winding country roads lined with dry stone walls. There was something magic about it and reminiscent of my childhood holidays in rural Ireland, although there was also a radiant Sun, delicious food and nearby beaches.

That Christmas we travelled to Bali following an invitation from my wife’s cousin, whom we had met on the beach at Torre Canne by pure coincidence. He had just bought a group of trulli close to Cisternino and was working on the renovation. We eagerly returned at Easter of 2007 and also decided to return for the Summer that year. We agreed that we wanted to purchase a group of trulli to restore and scanned all the websites. Following this, we made numerous visits to properties for sale and travelled through the countryside close to Cisternino to see if we could spot something interesting for sale, but to no avail. Finally, in June 2009 I spotted a piece of land with a small lamia for sale on a local website. By this time, we had a number of friends in the area, so I asked my friend to go and see the land, he immediately told me that he knew the area and we should go for it. Travelled down and on contemplating the view, realized that what we wanted was the view and position and not necessarily a group of trulli.

I bought the land and with the lamia and by then the neighbours on both sides were also interested in selling. So, we found ourselves with 3 hectares including a stretch of woods. We started restructuring the lamia, which is only 20 square meters could sleep two and we also bought a Mongolian yurt of six meters in diameter to house our two teenage children. We spent a lot of time there happily whilst thinking about building a house on the top of the hill, where the best view was. Around October 2014 after having played around with four or five potential projects for the new house we passed by the office of Apulia Property Design in Cisternino and the layout of the office caught my eye. I contacted Annalisa and following an initial exchange and meeting we were convinced that we had finally met someone who understood what was the best solution for us.

After detailed discussions, we agreed on a base budget Daniele presented us with a project with summed up perfectly our previous discussions. We were all very enthusiastic and began to work on the details. Annalisa and Daniele managed to get the project approved, despite numerous local building restrictions regarding the position of the house, cubic meters etc., etc. Groundwork started in December 2015. In a mere 12 months, the team had completed the turn-key project and we moved-in, in December 2016. We rent the villas in some period of the year, find more info on Massimo Villas

The house is a mirror of the sea.

Inspired by the incredible beauty and charm of Puglia, with its rich gastronomic heritage and its many historical towns, we fell in love with the idea of building an architecturally stunning home on the Adriatic. We were enchanted by the town of Polignano à Mare, with its ancient buildings hanging off the cliff face, its mysterious narrow streets and its hip big brother, Monopoli. We were determined to make Puglia our Italian home and we wanted somewhere peaceful yet close to the towns of Polignano and Monopoli, We had been staying at a lovely villa on a hillside in Polignano when the owner Leonardo suggested we meet his neighbour Giovanni who might be interested in selling some land. His land wasn’t suitable but I will never forget the day myself and Annalisa, our now dear friend and project manager walked across the stunning hillside. I had an epiphany and all my hair stood on end. I realised this was the place my heart and soul desired to be and I locked eyes with Annalisa and she understood this was going to be a magical journey.  From that field, I and Annalisa worked across the land to find a tiny plot where we would have permission to build our home A beautiful quiet hillside with views of the Adriatic on one side and stunning olive groves on the other., The journey has been long and not without its problems. However, we share a deep-seated trust with Annalisa and believed together we could overcome any obstacles. 

So thus the hard work began in 2016, which included first finding the exact particella of land required to secure building permits in a protected area, where new building construction is mostly prohibited. We needed to persuade four families to sell us pieces of their land for the required volume, with one family member living as far away as Zanzibar! We successfully purchased the land we needed to complete our architectural monument house in the UNESCO protected hillside, and the project could begin.  With the land and permits secured, we needed someone with the vision and expertise to create a stunning modern home. We discovered Daniele Corsaro, an award-winning architect based in Grottaglie.

Our aesthetics and vision were aligned perfectly and inspiration came from a range of sources including the mid-century-modern architecture of Le Corbusier’s Pavillion House, with its glass and steel construction, to the inside-outside living motif of the Californian-style architects Eames, Eichler, and Neutra. The indoor garden with its tropical plants is a unique living part of the bespoke three-story custom steel staircase. The villa, while technologically very advanced, harks back to the design aesthetics of the mid 20th century, while also utilising the traditional building methods of Puglia, with its dry-stone walls and Tufo stone. This stunning modern villa sits perfectly within its ancient rural landscape. Villa Specchio di mare appears to float above the landscape and from its hilltop aspect, the sea appears to touch the edge of the infinity pool. Sunrise creates a dramatic silvery light across the Adriatic and the sunset casts a beautiful pink and orange glow across the floor to ceiling wall of glass. The house becomes a part of the landscape, and you can look through it, from the sea to the olive groves and hills that sit behind. 

The house is a mirror of the sea, Villa Specchio di Mare.

casa m-101

“Architects meet in Selinunte” 2016

Corsaro Architetti

The studio, founded in 2005 by Daniele Corsaro, operates in the field of planning in the public and private sectors. The team consists of several professionals of different nationalities, who with their different cultural experiences enrich the projects in which they are involved and provide full coverage in all phases of a project development, from concept to execution. The work of the studio aims to find new solutions of contemporary living in harmony with the landscape and culture of the area, the basis of a sustainable development of architecture. The projects have been selected, received awards and exhibited in various exhibitions, including: Biennale di architettura di Venezia 2014, Premio “In/Arch” Puglia 2014, Premio “Apulia” 2013, Premio “Fondazione Renzo Piano” 2013, “Mies Van der Rohe Prize” 2012, Pugliarch 2012 (Bari); and published on: “Italia Architettura 7” (UTET Scienze Tecniche, 2013), “Green Building Magazine” 2013, “Progetti & Concorsi” (Il sole 24 ore), “Presstletter” AIAC, “Bauwelt Preis” (Bauwelt – Hamburg).

House M-101 – Ostuni, 2017

The House stands on a hilly terrain, in a context of high landscape value, characterized by the presence of oak and olive trees. The desire to preserve the place on which to carry out the work, drove us to think of a “ Suspended House” to lay on the ground without touching it. The building is characterized by two parallel horizontal slabs that float in parallel projecting and forming the “Porch”, a shaded and sheltered area from where to contemplate the view. At the rear front, a garden encircled by dry stone walls create a protected area (orthus conclusus), a more intimate space for the guests of the house. The technological solutions adopted to ensure high standards of energy efficiency have been integrated and harmonized in order to achieve architectural results without compromises. The use of local materials, limestone, oak wood and elements that refer to the local construction tradition and methods, such as dry stone walls, establish a relationship with the territory without interruption of its continuity.

renovation projects for sale in puglia

Renovation projects for sale near Savelletri

Renovation projects for sale in Puglia: the essence of both the countryside and the sea!

The landscapes, atmosphere and climate of the place in which you live can say a great deal about your personality.
Some people adore the countryside, others love the mountains and others still prefer the sea. Some people like hot countries while others prefer cooler regions.
However, this preference is not always so marked.
If you fall into the category of those who like both the countryside and the sea, Puglia is perfect for your needs. In fact, our renovation projects for sale in Puglia give you the opportunity to experience the essence of the Apulian countryside while still being within easy reach of many seaside towns that boast wonderful, crystal-clear waters.

In this respect, it’s impossible not to mention Fasano and its surroundings, some of which offer fantastic beaches that are often awarded Blue Flag certification.
In Savelletri, for example, spectacular rocky and sandy beaches alternate, becoming magical places to relax and sunbathe during the summer. Also during the warmer months, you can take a stroll to the Sunday market. Breathe in the typical air of a coastal town with a visit to the small port where you can sense the village’s fishing traditions. It’s not by chance that Savelletri is home to numerous fishmongers and restaurants where you can sample delicious seafood dishes. Sea urchins represent one of the most widely consumed and popular foods, especially from February to April and from July to October. You can find and taste them in virtually every restaurant.

A “tasty” and relaxing lifestyle in our homes for sale in Puglia!

Once you have fulfilled your longing for the sea, you can return home to the unspoilt Puglian countryside. Our renovation projects for sale in Puglia will give you the chance to live in a modern house with every possible comfort, but in the heart of a stunning landscape: a veritable remedy for the stresses and strains of everyday life!
Make the best investment of your life! Contact us for a quote or more information.

property for sale near castellana grotte

Property for sale near Castellana Grotte

Discover the outstanding beauties of Itria Valley. Take a look at our property for sale near Castellana Grotte

If you’ve never been to Puglia, you might not fully understand why we chose this wonderful region for our projects.
The nature is amazing, the landscapes are breath-taking, the vegetation is dense and the climate is warm… Puglia has all the ingredients to make your life exciting and bring happiness into it.
Moreover, our properties are located in strategic positions, putting you on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful parts of the Itria Valley and allowing you to grasp the very essence of Puglia.
For example, are you looking for a property for sale near Castellana Grotte, Alberobello or Ostuni?

The unusual town full of trulli is world-renowned, while the “White Town” is widely appreciated by tourists from all corners of the globe. But the caves of Castellana are undoubtedly also a must-see in the Itria Valley: this underground marvel casts its spell over everyone, adults and children alike.
The three-kilometre route explores an amazing scenery of stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, concretions, canyons and incredible shapes. It’s a surreal place that often gives rise to indescribable feelings as you are confronted by evidence of what nature has been able to create over roughly 90 million years.
Dim light, earthy colours and cool temperatures provide an astonishing experience. Not all of Puglia’s beauty lies on the surface: there are plenty of secrets to be discovered little by little.
Guided tours are available for visitors to this 70-metre deep kingdom: you can choose between a complete itinerary (3 km in about 2 hours) and a partial itinerary (1 km in about 50 minutes).
During the tour you might also run into some animals that have made their homes in the caves: bats, crustaceans and bees are the most typical.

Don’t you wish to own one of our countryside properties for sale?

Now you know the amazing and unexpected things Puglia has to offer… and this is why we think you should consider purchasing a property for sale near Castellana Grotte.
Puglia never stops surprising you!

homes for sale in the Puglian countryside

Sporting lifestyle in the countryside

Come and live in one of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside: the best way to stay fit and healthy!

Living in the Puglian countryside brings great benefits. There is no doubt that contact with nature improves your mood and vitality, as well as boosting your immune system. Being surrounded by bright colours and fragrant scents is a true privilege and a medicine in its own right.
Also, if you enjoy keeping fit, you will have plenty of opportunity to stay in shape with your favourite sports. For example, exploring the magical region of the Itria Valley by bike is an exhilarating experience that will fill you with a sense of freedom. Long, leisurely rides are perfect for enjoying the fresh air, admiring the fantastic landscapes and visiting amazing places. The location of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside is perfect for all this.

Several itineraries allow you to experience some of the most beautiful parts of Puglia. These projects have been designed to safeguard the landscapes and promote the use of bikes, because everyone agrees that Puglia is too stunning to be spoilt!
One of these itineraries starts in Carovigno and ends in Fasano, where the Via Traiana and the Via Appia (two ancient roads that date back to Roman times) are like travelling back in time.
Between the two towns, you will cycle along picturesque roads lined by olive groves and unspoilt vistas, giving you the chance to see dolmens, archaeological sites, natural parks and other amazing attractions.
The “Ciclovia dell’acqua” (literally, the “bicycle path of the water”) is another beautiful itinerary that goes from Figazzano (a suburb of Cisternino) to Ceglie Messapica, boasting breath-taking views of the Itria Valley. Your stunning ride will see you cycle among trulli, farmhouses, olive groves and karst caves. The route owes its name to the fact that it runs along a section of the Apulian aqueduct: it represents the first part of a project that is eventually planned to stretch for 250 kilometres.

Enjoy nature and tradition in our houses for sale in the Puglian countryside!

Besides the natural beauty, you will also have an opportunity to taste typical food. For example, don’t miss Cisternino’s famously delicious meat or a “panino” from Ceglie Messapica: a kind of hot-dog filled with tuna, olive oil, strong provolone cheese, capers and mortadella. At this point you might start to wonder whether the experience is still healthy, but there are some foods you absolutely have to sample.
So, come and live in one of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside and experience a new and exciting lifestyle.
Contact us for a quote!

country properties for sale in puglia

Puglia, a sea of olive groves

Elegant country properties for sale in Puglia, among the wonderful olive groves

A quick glance at the Apulian countryside is all you need to understand that olive trees are undoubtedly one of the landscape’s most characteristic elements.
The region may well be the area with the highest number of olive groves in the world.
You can see it with your own eyes at our country properties for sale in Puglia.
Here, nature is home to countless species of plants, trees and flowers… in short, the Apulian countryside is pure magic.

However, olive groves are not mere decoration: the amount of olive oil produced in Puglia accounts for 40% of Italy’s entire production, which means that olives play a key role in the regional economy.
Olives are so typical of this area that many different types of olive oil are produced: Puglia is home to four DOP areas of protected origin.
The taste of Apulian olives and olive oil is special and it’s not by chance that people from all over the world appreciate this product so much.
Olive trees and olive oil have extremely ancient origins and have always been considered precious: in 2500 BC the trade in olive oil was already flourishing and the product was used as an ointment and medication, while the branches were used to adorn the tombs of pharaohs.
Olives and olive oil today play an important role in the Mediterranean diet because they offer many healthy properties and benefits. Olive oil is used to preserve and season vegetables and other dishes (as well as olives). It is also used to prepare many typical recipes, such as orecchiette, focaccia and bruschetta, to name but a few!

Experience a new lifestyle in our countryside houses for sale in Puglia!

If you purchase one of our homes for sale in Puglia, you are choosing not just to come and live here: you are also choosing to discover the essence, traditions and magic of this wonderful region.
What are you waiting for? Contact us for a quote and live your dream!

country houses for sale in puglia

Healthy life in the Puglian countryside

Country houses for sale in Puglia: have you ever considered changing your lifestyle?

The amazing views and landscapes of the Apulian countryside have magical powers: they can lift your heart and mind.
With sparkling colours, fragrant scents and relaxing sounds all around you, it’s impossible to feel sad or worried. So, it’s time to think about looking for modern country houses for sale in Puglia!
The country life is perfect for recovering your inner balance, peace of mind, zest for life and general well-being.
In fact, living in the countryside can also have a positive impact on your body.
There are countless activities you can do while surrounded by unspoilt nature in order to keep in shape, but above all… …you’re in Puglia, the land of fine food!

Enjoy everything you need for correct nutrition while benefitting from healthy foods, naturally tasty produce and simple, delicious recipes.
You must have heard about the famous Mediterranean diet, typical of Southern Italy, which even became UNESCO heritage listed in 2013.
This diet includes a variety of foods and nutrients, which is exactly what makes it so healthy.
Cereals, pulses, fruit, vegetables and olive oil represent the main food groups; the consumption of fish, dairy products and wine is recommended in moderation, while meat is kept to a minimum.
A positive impact on health depends on the high consumption of vegetables (which reduces feelings of hunger) and a perfect balance between the nutrients. Several studies have shown that this way of eating can reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease. Blood pressure is lowered as well as levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugars in the blood. The consumption of cereals prevents constipation and colon disorders and, generally speaking, the Mediterranean diet provides our body with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals we need.
Apulian cuisine offers countless ways to combine these ingredients to create delicious recipes: your palate will be satisfied while your body, health and shape will be grateful.

If we were you, we’d start searching for beautiful country houses for sale in Puglia right now.

You see, living in Puglia is always a good choice, even when it comes to food!
The landscapes and stunning views make life in the countryside truly magical.
Add a special house with a modern style and all the comforts of a townhouse and it’s hard to believe that a life like this could be real. But it is!
So, don’t hesitate any longer! Contact us for a quote.

renovated houses for sale in puglia

Splendid houses for sale in Puglia

Are you looking for renovated houses for sale in Puglia?

Would you like to own a property in the countryside of the Itria Valley? Are you searching for an amazing natural setting for your home?
You’ve come to the right place!
Apulia Property Design offers fantastic houses surrounded by the breath-taking landscapes of the “heel” of Italy. The professionalism of its architects and designers makes it possible to create unique projects in a dream location.
Their style is modern, elegant and refined, and includes all the comforts of a townhouse in a natural setting that embodies the very essence of Puglia.
The “heel” of Italy is a region that offers great value, not only in terms of its scenery but also for the quantity of the resources available locally.
By sheer coincidence, one of the most common is of vital importance as a construction material: stone.
Used for some of our renovated houses for sale in Puglia, it allows us to give you a final product that is Apulian through and through!

The largest quarries can be found in Apricena, Trani and Lecce, but Fasano and Ostuni also offer significant quantities of material.
The availability of marble and stone depends on the geological composition of the Apulian soil, which is rich in limestone. Thanks to the strong presence of this resource in the region, Puglia plays a significant role on both the domestic and international markets.
Historically, the limestone deposits in Trani were the largest and Trani stone is the most widely used material in Puglia. This makes it very easy to find in many historic centres and even in Romanesque cathedrals and Swabian castles.
Trani stone is compact and ductile, allowing it to be used externally and in areas with marked thermal excursion.

We choose the best for our elegant homes for sale in Puglia

The combination of all these features make precious Puglian stone an unmistakeable choice as a building material for our projects and one that adds further value to our houses. We aim to give our customers something unique, because we think everyone should have the chance to live in Puglia.
Contact us for further information and treat yourself to a jewel of a property!

modern villas for sale in puglia

Modern villas for sale in Puglia

Modern villas for sale in Puglia: a peaceful life in the unspoiled countryside

The rapid progress we’ve witnessed in recent decades appears to be a good thing and people are convinced that their lives are better than before.
It is certainly true, but… we bet we all sometimes feel as if something is missing: the happiness of smelling a flower, the smile brought about by birdsong, the astonishment we experience when we look at the sky, the love we feel when we cuddle a cat… we miss the simple little things.
Life is more and more chaotic and we frequently find ourselves thinking about relaxation…
As we go about our everyday business, we fantasise about lying on a sun lounger by the pool while sipping our favourite drink, listening to our favourite music or reading our favourite book. We think about fantastic villas, perhaps with a patio for dining or enjoying a glass of wine outdoors with our best friends on hot summer evenings…
That’s exactly what our modern villas for sale in Puglia can offer

Contact us for your real-estate investment in Puglia

Apulia Property Design is in the business of making these fantastic dreams come true, helping you feel as if you have been transported to paradise.
Our modern villas for sale in Puglia are designed by highly-qualified professionals who work with meticulous care and attention to create unique spaces. They are able to meet all your requirements. Do you want your country house to have the same style and comforts as your urban pad? Or do you want to go back in time and live in a house with stone walls and floors?
One thing is certain: when you look out of the window, you won’t believe your eyes. The beauty of the landscape is so outstanding that you might think you were looking at a painting hanging on a wall rather than a window.
But when you go outside, you can see for yourself that everything is real: you can sit down on a stone bench, surrounded by soft cushions, and admire the nature all around you, the flourishing meadows and lush gardens… you might even think you were dreaming!
Contact us right away and let Apulia Property Design make your dreams come true.

modern homes for sale in puglia

Modern homes for sale in Puglia, near the “White Towns”

Modern homes for sale in Puglia: original projects in a special setting

It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen wonderful Puglia as the place to bring our projects to life. We really do love and appreciate the beauty of our region, so rich in vegetation, sunlight, stunning landscapes and fantastic towns and cities.
There are so many architectural gems to visit and so many beautiful things to see. People from all over the world know it well and fall under Puglia’s spell every year.
Many of our modern homes for sale in Puglia are within reach of the main centres, giving you the chance to explore five of Italy’s twelve “white towns”.

Ostuni, an unusual spot situated on three hills in the province of Brindisi, is undoubtedly the most important, with its fully whitewashed historic centre. It is said that the lime, which works as a natural disinfectant, played a decisive role in saving the town from a plague epidemic during the 17th century. This “sea” of white is very picturesque, both in the morning, with the sunlight, and at sunset, when the walls of the buildings reflect the warm colours.
There are also plenty of whitewashed buildings in the circular historic centre of Locorotondo. Wander among its arches, staircases, alleyways and balconies, embellished with flowers and plants with vivid colours that create a beautiful contrast with the white walls.
We also recommend a visit to Cisternino, which has been categorised as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Getting lost among its alleyways full of unusual buildings is an exciting experience that everyone should try. Cisternino is also popular and well-known for the quality of the excellent meat served in its restaurants.
A few kilometres away, in the province of Taranto, lies Martina Franca, a jewel of Baroque and Rococo architecture.
Last but not least, Ceglie Messapica has a medieval historic centre with a Swabian tower and a wonderful castle. The whitewash was used here to brighten up the town’s narrow streets.
These are just the main features of these amazing towns but there are plenty of other corners to see and explore; it would be impossible to cover them all here. The only answer is to come to Puglia and discover it all for yourself!

What if you fall in love with the cosy, warm buildings you see and feel like making your home here forever?
Just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to make your dream come true.
Our modern homes for sale in Puglia also include typical buildings that have been redesigned, renovated and equipped with all modern comforts.
Wouldn’t it be magical to live in a trullo?

country homes for sale in puglia

Passion for design: country homes for sale in Puglia

Country homes for sale in Puglia: exclusive projects in a magical place

What happens when the rational meets the artistic? What about when nature and modern comforts come together? Or when contemporary architectural techniques encounter local traditions?
The answer lies in our country homes for sale in Puglia!
When we decided to found Apulia Property Design it was for two main reasons: our passion for architecture and design and our profound love for Puglia, which we consider to be a unique place that allows you to be in contact with nature, a place where you can breathe in pure air and paint your life with the colours of its vegetation.

Another goal of ours is to give people the chance to live their dream. Everyone would love to live in a beautiful villa with a lush garden and an amazing swimming pool, but most people think this is only possible in the movies.
Of course, that’s only until they see what we can create!
The professionalism, creativity and passion of our staff make it possible to achieve ambitious goals.
Most of our buildings are surrounded by typical Puglian vegetation, among olive trees and vineyards, far from the noise, traffic, smog, and hustle and bustle of city life.
These beautiful homes are located in the picturesque setting of the sun-drenched Puglian countryside yet offer the elegance, warmth and comfort of an ordinary townhouse.
Once you return home, everything else disappears and there is nothing but you, your world and your life.

Nothing happens by chance in our country homes for sale in Puglia

Everything is thought through with a specific purpose, to bring harmony and beauty to the space. For example, the glass walls we use in some of our houses have a dual function: they give the house a modern look, so that it feels like living in a skyscraper in a large city, but they also offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to relax and meditate in front of all this natural beauty.
Why not take a look at our real estate for sale in Puglia? In addition to new-build projects, we also offer restoration projects for ancient buildings just waiting to be transformed into stunning gems.
real estate events and conferences

Sustainable development of traditional buildings key to regional housing

Cisternino, Brindisi, Puglia, Italy – March 2016

As “Housing the World” is set to dominate MIPIM, Annalisa Bruno from Apulia Property Design in Italy highlights the importance of cultural sustainability within regional and local markets.

With the United Nations predicting that nearly all of the world’s population growth, over the next 14 years, will be absorbed by cities it is no wonder that “Housing the World” is being put centre stage as a key topic at MIPIM 2016.

With this rapid urbanisation leading to an ever-increasing demand for housing there is an understandable enthusiasm within our industry to re-evaluate construction techniques and focus on sustainable development. However, while it is good practice to employ sustainable and green methods when constructing new properties, it is also important to consider cultural sustainability with regard to the renovation of older, traditional buildings within our towns, cities and countryside.

Delegates at this week’s MIPIM will be asked to consider what homes in the future will look like. It is also important to look at how to we ensure the provision of practical and sustainable housing without losing our architectural legacy. For the sake of protecting our culture and heritage, I believe that it is vital that we contemplate how we adapt and modify existing, traditional buildings to make them useable as modern dwellings while preserving their fabric for future generations.

At Apulia Property Design, we work tirelessly to restore, renovate and reshape the traditional rural buildings of Puglia in southern Italy, using the techniques handed down over generations. We do not just do this because the traditional Trulli and Masserie buildings make attractive homes for locals and the thousands of tourists that visit the region each year, but because the materials and techniques used in the construction of the Lamie, dry stone walls, help protect the environment and preserve our unique architectural heritage.

Adapting and restoring these buildings is like restoring a mosaic; every stone has its own position and has to be carved to the exact size. Manual labour is the only option. It may not be the cheapest option, but it is a price worth paying to ensure the provision of modern homes while preserving the traditional buildings and culture of the beautiful Puglian countryside.

We believe it is vital for the cultural identity of our region that, when modernising and restoring traditional buildings that a detailed statistical and architectural analysis of the property is undertaken to help develop a conservation and renovation plan that is focused on bringing each building back to life. Only by employing specialist artisans and by using only traditional, local and sustainable materials can it be ensured that the finished building provides a home fit for use but also one that fits into its surroundings perfectly.

The sensitive regeneration of traditional buildings is key to providing homes that meet both the needs of the market while preserving the culture and heritage of local and regional communities.

Annalisa Bruno is managing director of Apulia Property Design, the company she founded in 2010 with architect Daniele Corsaro.

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countryside properties for sale in puglia

Glamorous lifestyle: countryside properties for sale in Puglia

Countryside properties for sale in Puglia: the glamorous lifestyle you deserve

It’s impossible to talk about Puglia without mentioning its wonderful buildings.
Virtually every Puglian town can boast impressive buildings, be they magnificent castles, sumptuous palaces or majestic churches.
This is exactly the enchanting setting in which our countryside properties for sale in Puglia are situated.

Puglia is particularly blessed with castles and towers, most of which were built at the behest of Byzantine, Aragonese, Norman, Swabian and Angevin emperors, who each had their own reasons for wanting to add the region to their domains.
For some, it was political, about expanding their empires, but for others it was economic thanks to Puglia’s strategic position when it came to trading with other Mediterranean countries. Others instead chose Puglia for the beauty of its landscapes and its mild climate.
For example, Frederick II had many castles built in the countryside of Northern Puglia. He chose the countryside because of his love for falconry and natural sciences.
The Itria Valley is also home to more than its fair share of beautiful architecture. Visitors to Cisternino, Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni and many other towns will find plenty of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.
If so many powerful people yearned for Puglia, it’s not hard to fall under this wonderful region’s spell. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in the countryside of the Itria Valley, in a beautiful house, spacious villa or quaint trullo?

We think Frederick II would have loved our luxury houses for sale in Puglia

He would have been able to go hunting with his falcons in the unspoilt countryside. Just as he did, you’ll enjoy stunning days surrounded by pristine nature doing the things you like most. Our countryside properties for sale in Puglia are designed to be cool, giving you all the comfort of a townhouse but, when you gaze out of the window, you’ll see magical views instead of lines of traffic!
Contact us now for more information or a quote.

seaside house for sale in puglia

Seaside house for sale in Puglia, in Polignano

Seaside house for sale in Puglia: enjoy the beautiful sea of Polignano

When it comes to Puglia, many people start thinking about nature and the countryside. Maybe not everybody knows how beautiful the sea of Puglia can be.
Thanks to our seaside house for sale in Puglia, you can have a direct experience!
The Adriatic coast boasts some tracts where the water is so crystal-clear and the colour of the beach is so vivid, that it feels like being in a Caribbean country.
Among these wonderful places, it’s impossible not to mention the beautiful, peculiar town of Polignano a Mare.

The medieval taste, the alleys, the high city walls and the rocks overhanging the sea make the historic centre something unique and create an amazing landscape.
The part of the historical centre overlooking the sea is a suggestive place affording a fantastic view on the crystal-clear waters. It feels like living in another dimension, in a surreal world… in a veritable postcard!
Of course, everyone would love to live in a place like this, in sunny Puglia, and experience the authentic atmosphere of Apulian boroughs, with the vitality of the children playing in the streets, the scent of the clothes hanging out to dry, the smell of the traditional dishes…
A true paradise, a chance to go back in time and forget everything else.

This lifestyle is a real possibility thanks to our properties for sale in Puglia

In fact, the offer of Apulia Property Design also includes a period building overlooking the scenic cliffs of Polignano. A large terrace is available, from which you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the unrivalled sea of Polignano. Every detail talk about past times and every space is really suggestive. A privileged position that affords a peaceful lifestyle. You can go out and breathe the fresh air and its salty smell, exploring the peculiar narrow streets that hide charming buildings and ancient secrets, reach the shore and bathe in the sea…
You can enjoy all the benefits of the sea air and be in contact with the Apulian warm environment…
So, if you are looking for seaside houses for sale in Puglia, this is the right place for you!
Invite a dream in your life!

Real estate for sale in Puglia: countryside life

Real estate for sale in Puglia, to enjoy the fantastic countryside

In an era when cities are becoming more and more chaotic and polluted and life is becoming more and more stressful and hectic, a new trend is taking hold: people increasingly wish more tranquillity and dreams of moving to the countryside. In particular, the Apulian countryside with its amazing vegetation bewitches everyone. That is why an increasing number of people looks for real estate for sale in Puglia.

What are the benefits of living in one of our houses for sale in the countryside of Puglia?

First of all, the contact with nature, which gives men a sense of peace and harmony with the surrounding elements of nature. For example, many cases of anxiety and depression are cured through the so-called “therapeutic horticulture”. Growing fruits and vegetable is a manual activity that requires a great concentration. The healing power lies precisely in the shift of one’s attention from mental activities to manual activities. Moreover, giving birth to something by relying only on one’s skills is truly gratifying and stimulates creativity.
At last, children can feel free to look after their pets and play with them, with no fear of getting dirty.
Relaxation also makes people more disposed towards social relationships, which is the reason why countryside properties often turn into hospitality structures or recreational spaces.
It also seems that the human body “synchronises” its rhythm with the cycles of nature, so that you wake up early, consume regular meals and sleep in the first hours of the night, when sleep is deeper, more restful and regenerating, which means a calmer life.
Fresh air and pure water make your body feel better, hair and skin become brighter and nutrition has a higher quality.
Furthermore, life in the countryside today is easier than once, because it is possible to have all the comforts and the technology not to feel too isolated or far from the rest of the world. And you also have the possibility to live in the countryside, it’s true, but in a beautiful house with all comforts.

That’s exactly what our properties for sale in Puglia can offer

The charm and the simplicity of nature blend with modern architecture, attractive design, great creativity and original ideas: spectacular properties come to life. Amazing spaces where you can forget the world and enjoy all the simple (but wonderful) things that Puglia has to offer.
Get in touch with us and ask for all the information you need to make your dream come true!
real estate in puglia

Real estate in Puglia

Real estate in Puglia: out-of-the-ordinary projects for a dreamy life

Puglia, a wonderful region rich in vegetation and breath-taking landscapes, has a warm climate and is amazing in every season: it offers warm winters and long summers, while autumn and spring are also enchanting.
Have you ever considered purchasing real estate in Puglia? It’s a good opportunity to see it with your own eyes.
Living in this region is a true privilege: everything is imbued with a sense of history and tradition that tells a story of ancient times.
Architecture, for example…

Puglia’s traditional trulli provide remarkable examples of drywall (mortarless) construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in the Itria Valley. Trulli are made of roughly worked limestone boulders collected from neighbouring fields. Characteristically, they feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built using corbelled limestone slabs (called “chiancarelle”); still today, these are obtained by smashing stone blocks by hand, exactly as they would have been 300 years ago. UNESCO decided to recognise these buildings as being of outstanding universal value, exceptional examples of a form of construction derived from prehistoric building techniques that have survived intact and fully-functioning into the modern world.
Puglia’s masserie, or traditional farmhouses, are the best way to experience the authenticity of the region. They were once the centre of vast areas of land dedicated to cultivation and grazing, providing residences for the landowners and their employees during the summer months. Today, many masserie have been restored and converted into restaurants and small charming hotels. Ideal for those who like to immerse themselves in nature in search of peace and relaxation, the masserie in Salento and the Puglia countryside characterise and make the landscapes of the region unique.
Puglia has many examples of sumptuous houses, noble palaces and mansions, decked out in the grandiose Baroque splendour of the 17th century, witnesses to the region’s rich past. These elegant houses enrich the landscape, making Puglia a place to linger in order to fully appreciate its beauty. These buildings are particularly common in the Itria Valley, in the towns of Ostuni and Cisternino: a fantastic area, it boasts a landscape made up mainly of olive groves and orchards and is also close to the sea, lending it an even more exceptional quality.

We bet that now you want to buy real estate in Puglia!

Wouldn’t it be magical to live in this rural landscape today, in one of these unusual dwellings? Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the chance to renovate one of these houses, adding modern comforts? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to live in a trullo or a villa with a swimming pool, sports facilities or a private garden?
Everything is possible with Apulia Property Design: your dreams can come true! You can renovate or purchase real estate in Puglia and go back in time, surrounded by fresh air, nature, wonderful sea, stunning landscapes, flourishing vegetation, excellent food and Puglian traditions.
Property for sale in Puglia

Property for sale in Puglia

Property for sale in Puglia – Apulia Property Design is a real estate agency based in Puglia, specializing in villas, masserias, farms, houses, plots, and land.

Apulia Property Design, located in Puglia, in the ‘heel’ of southern Italy, was founded in 2011 when an architect, Daniele Corsaro, and a project manager, Annalisa Bruno, joined forces and combined their skills to create a unique property service team with the aim of ensuring a smooth and efficient process for clients wanting to build or renovate holiday homes in Puglia.

We have a comprehensive list of villas, masserias, farms, plots, and land for sale in Puglia.
Whether you are interested in building a bespoke, a contemporary home in an unspoiled region, or renovating an old farmhouse, you can obtain an efficient “all-in-one” service, thanks to the collective talent, professionalism and industry experience of our team and clients.
Apulia Property Design’s one-stop shop takes the hassle out of the whole process, from finding land or an historic building to restore, to creating an architectural concept, building to the highest standards, resolving bureaucratic issues or planning interiors. No longer do buyers have to deal separately with real estate agents, surveyors and planning authorities.

“[Our clients] are attracted to Puglia by the quality of life, the sandy beaches, the excellence of the local foods and wines, and the amazing architectural heritage of the area” said Annalisa. Economically, Puglia is the fastest-growing region in southern Italy. Land and property values are still far lower than many other regions; however, prices are also rising faster than anywhere else in the country.
The Valle d’Itria, where Apulia Property Design is located, is the area between Bari and Brindisi, and incorporates the towns and villages of Ostuni, Locorotondo, Cisternino and Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site. Brindisi and Bari are both well served by budget flights as well as national and international airlines.

“[Our clients] are attracted to Puglia by the quality of life, the sandy beaches, the excellence of the local foods and wines, and the amazing architectural heritage of the area”

– Annalisa Bruno –

Architecture and Construction in Puglia

Architecture and Construction in Puglia

We plan, build and restore unique and exclusive homes in up-and-coming Puglia, renowned for its crystal blue sea and dazzling white villages.

We love to help our clients find scenic plots or old trulli to create an architectural concept and build a home that meets the highest standards. Architect Daniele Corsaro’s architectural language complements the natural colours of the Puglian landscape, building in large picture windows that let you make the most of the beauty that surrounds you.

If choosing a new build property allows you the freedom to tailor-make your house to your own personal tastes, down to the very last detail, undertaking a restoration project gives you the chance to turn a traditional Puglian building into your dream home. Whether you have your heart set on a masseria farmhouse or a typical trullo, our experienced specialist craftsmen use only traditional, local and sustainable materials to ensure the finished building fits into its surroundings perfectly. Our team are also on hand to provide technical and bureaucratic support at every step of the building process, relying on local knowledge and expertise to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and to a pre-determined budget and schedule.

“If you invest in Beauty it will remain with you all the days of your life”

– Frank Lloyd Wright –

villas for sale in puglia

Fantastic villas for sale in Puglia

Live your dream in our beautiful villas for sale in Puglia

If you love great weather, sunny days, beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, then living in the “heel” of Italy could be perfect for you.
Why don’t you take a look at our villas for sale in Puglia?
The region boasts a multitude of natural landscapes, fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, olive groves and flourishing vegetation: it’s a magical place to be in contact with nature and to reconnect with an appreciation for the beauty of the simple things in life.
Puglia’s typical rural buildings make everything even more picturesque. Just one glimpse of its trulli, farmhouses and villas is enough to take you back in time and send you off into a daydream.

With our houses for sale in the countryside of Puglia your dreams come true

We guarantee that, still today, you can own a property in unspoilt areas such as these, where you can spend relaxing days, away from your everyday, stressful life in an environment of total peace and tranquillity.
Thanks to its experience and know-how, Apulia Property Design makes it possible to combine past and present, tradition and innovation, simplicity and elegance, nature and modern comforts.
Professional designers work together either to renovate existing rural buildings or to build brand new houses in fabulous locations with amazing panoramas. We instil everything with a touch of elegance and taste, creating true luxury properties that are in harmony with the surrounding scenery. It’s possible to buy, restore, build or rent these houses and make extraordinary memories.

Living in our country homes for sale in Puglia also gives you the chance to enjoy your passions

Take advantage of the warm weather as you soak up the sun in wonderful private gardens, play with your pets or explore fragrant pathways on country walks. Pick fresh and delicious fruit or create tasty local recipes with crisp organic vegetables. In short, experience the very best traditions Puglia has to offer while enjoying the comforts of an elegant and comfortable house. Not to mention the countless events, festivals, cultural get-togethers, concerts, museums and historical sites at your fingertips.
A dream life in wonderful Puglia. We strongly recommend you consider the possibility, leave everything and move to this “heaven on earth”!
properties for sale in puglia

Properties for sale in Puglia, the land of wine

A “tasty” life in our properties for sale in Puglia

Would you like to live in one of our elegant properties for sale in Puglia, in the unspoiled countryside, with every possible modern convenience? In touch with nature, ancient traditions and memories of the past….
The buildings that Apulia Property Design restores and builds are located in a land where millions of trees, orchards, olive groves and vines have been planted over the course of time.

For example, the history of the grapevine in Puglia is very ancient and it is said that the plant has always existed in this region. Its presence may even date back to the period preceding Greek colonisation, in the 8th century B.C. Many of the vines that are now considered to be indigenous were imported by the Greeks, who also introduced new methods of cultivation.
The Romans were equally keen on Puglian wine. Pliny the Elder and Horace, for example, wrote important accounts of cultivation techniques, expressing their love for the flavour of Puglia’s wines. Pliny described Puglia as “viticulosa” (i.e. rich in vines).
After a period of crisis due to the fall of the Roman Empire, the production of wine entered a new phase of success in the Middle Ages, thanks to the region’s monks. Since then, wine production has become one of Puglia’s most distinctive traits, so much so that, during the Renaissance, it was prized both abroad, particularly in France, and at the tables of society’s elite.
Unfortunately, phylloxera, then began to blight vines in Northern Italy and across Europe, leading Puglia to produce and export huge amounts of wine. Eventually phylloxera also reached Puglia, causing significant difficulties. Over the years to come, the substitution of local vines with new varieties and the founding of several wine cooperatives led to considerable wine production, although quality was neglected. It was not until after the Second World War that people began to realise the importance of quality in wine-making, but the full potential of local vines was not recognised until the 1990s.
Today, Puglia is one of Italy’s main producers in terms of quantity, which is why the region has taken on the role of a wine “reservoir”, not just for Italy, but also for Europe as a whole. There are many different grape varieties with great potential, such as Negroamaro, Primitivo and Uva di Troia, some of which have unsurprisingly become world-renowned.

A good reason, for wine lovers, to consider properties for sale in Puglia!

Wouldn’t it be magical to be sitting by the pool at your luxury property, sipping delicious wine amid Puglia’s vineyards, knowing that your drink comes from that very soil?

Le Masserie in Puglia

Masserie in Puglia (singular: masseria) are one of region’s most typical and distinctive features: they are emblematic of the region’s rural civilisation and its strong links to the land. At one time, masserie in Puglia were flourishing centres of agricultural and social life, set up to be self-sufficient and focused primarily on the cultivation of crops and the rearing of livestock. Until the early twentieth century, they played a historical role of prime importance, so much so that still today they represent a centuries-old intertwining of art, popular traditions, life and conviviality, production and economy, and agricultural and pastoral activities.

Masserie in Puglia have extremely ancient origins; they grew out of the ruins of country villas built by the ancient Romans to protect themselves from the frequent dangers of looting and devastation by bandits, rivals and pirates. These masserie were then given to soldiers and courtiers who ran them while providing for themselves and their communities. They later passed into the hands of feudal lords who turned them into summer residences.

In Puglia, and more specifically in the Valle d’Itria and the area around Ostuni and Fasano, it is still possible to come across such buildings that have often been restored and re-used by young entrepreneurs who, with passion and enthusiasm, have decided to redevelop and enhance these constructions. Masserie make a great solution for experiencing Puglia at its most authentic; they are perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in nature or in search of peace and relaxation. It is also possible to learn about life in a masseria through special visits designed around themes ranging from food and wine to wellness, or from history to archaeology. Experiencing a masseria is also an interesting way to learn about the transformations undergone by rural Puglia over the centuries.

Taste Puglia’s typical food: the flavours of the Valle D’Itria

Taste Puglia’s typical food: a very good reason to enjoy your stay in the region. The bucolic landscape, slow pace of life, natural colours and prevailing peace of the Valle D’Itria are its most enchanting assets. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The region’s beauty is combined with a taste for life, for that “slow life” that encompasses the real meaning of existence. And this is something we have to thank its food for.

The Valle D’Itria is a riot of authentic local flavours, a treasure trove of unique delicacies not found anywhere else in the world, including the extremely popular bombette, or stuffed meat rolls. The villages of the Valle D’Itria – Cisternino in particular – teem with butchers where you can purchase these highly sought-after specialities. It’s where you can taste Puglia’s typical food.

Martina Franca is famous for its sausages and cured hams, still made using traditional techniques. Its capocollo takes pride of place, with a wine-red colour and flavour second to none. Due to climatic conditions, the rearing of pigs in Southern Italy is not as wide-spread as in the centre and north of the peninsula, but Martina Franca and its surrounding area are an exception to this rule. Here, thanks to the presence of suitable environmental conditions, it has been possible to produce a capocollo that is recognised all over the world for its quality. This speciality is closely linked to the region in which it is produced, thanks both to the traditional methods used and typical local ingredients. With this in mind, capocollo from Martina Franca has been honoured by the Slow Food Movement as a niche product made in Italy; a prestige product to be safeguarded. So Martina Franca it’s a place where you can taste Puglia’s typical food.

Ceglie Messapica is another essential stop for those curious to learn about local flavours. In fact, the village is considered the cradle of Puglia’s gastronomy. Its traditional cuisine is genuine and authentic thanks to its links with local products and the changing of the seasons. Every summer, the village plays host to the Ceglie Food Festival, an important event dedicated to live cooking demonstrations, events and tastings. The festival provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture and to be slowly won over by the profusion of local flavours.

The Valle D’Itria’s vegetation is typically lush and dominated by olive trees, hence the production of olive oil. However, not everyone is aware that the oil produced in the areas around Ceglie Messapica, Martina Franca, Fasano and Cisternino has been given high-quality DOP (protected origin) status and is organoleptically balanced. What’s more, DOP olive oil is not used exclusively to provide meals with flavour, but also plays another vital role: it protects us from a variety of cardiovascular diseases, as demonstrated by numerous clinical and laboratory studies. The beneficial effects of olive oil on health derive predominantly from the antioxidant properties of some of its constituents. To taste Puglia’s typical food it’s good for health too.

The hilly climate of the Valle D’Itria is also favourable to growing vines. Rows of white Alessano and Verdeca vines are used to make Locorotondo DOC and Martina Franca DOC wines, which have a pleasant flavour popular the world over. The gastronomy of the Valle D’Itria is characterised by peasant cooking using simple ingredients; it is far removed from the globalised food-production system and still retains the intangible values of tradition. This is what makes the region so authentic and special.

Trulli restoration in Ostuni and Cisternino

Trulli restoration in Puglia, in Ostuni and Cisternino is our passion and work. The ancient art of building dry stone Puglian trulli is a valuable tradition passed down from father to son. Combined with long-standing experience and an uncompromising respect for the Valle D’Itria region, our master trullo-builders restore trulli and lamie in a way that preserves both form and function, while retaining and showcasing not only the trullo and its architecture, but also its historical and cultural setting.

Trulli restoration in Ostuni and Cisternino, lamie or dry stone walls and reshaping traditional rural buildings aims to protect the environment and to give the architectural past back its future. The work is similar to that of restoring a mosaic; every stone has its own position and must be carved to the exact size. Manual labour is the only option; mechanical tools are not allowed and the only materials that are permitted are stones offered up by the Puglian countryside.

With this in mind, we begin by carrying out a statistical and architectural analysis of the original rural building, developing a conservation and renovation project. Throughout the restoration, our work focuses on bringing the unique nature of each trullo back to life, because beneath every pointed roof and every individual stone lies a story that cannot be erased.

new build houses for sale in Puglia

New build houses for sale in Puglia

New build houses for sale in Puglia in Valle d’Itria: that’s what we offer. The architecture of new build properties we offer are based on the contemporary architectural style of local architect Daniele Corsaro, which both complements and contrasts the natural colours of the Puglian landscape. Despite their modern feel, Daniele’s designs focus on local and sustainable materials and techniques that see them chime perfectly with traditional regional architecture. For example, Casa Ceno, a stunning holiday home for a family designed by Daniele, was recently nominated for the prestigious European Union Mies van der Rohe architectural award. Inspired by the whitewashed villages of this part of Southern Italy, its spacious and contemporary volumes are punctuated by dry stone walls built using traditional techniques. A spectacular infinity pool overlooking the verdant valley below is the house’s most eye-catching element. Daniele’s studio plans new build houses for sale in Puglia and works in partnership with professionals from all over Europe, who bring a variety of cultural experiences and original perspectives that add an extra dimension to his projects. Further examples of Daniele’s residential buildings can be found here.

Interior Design for houses in Puglia

Interior design for houses in Puglia and restored trulli, in Valle d’Itria is included amongst the services we offer . Lighting colours and furnishings right down to the last detail. When the style is homogeneous, with a unique concept, and the furnishings reflect the personality of the proprietor, then we are confident that we have successfully achieved our objective.

This service of interior design for houses in Puglia and restore trulli covers:

– planning of customised interior and exterior furnishings
– choice of materials and finishes
– alerting you to relevant products and companies
– contacts with suppliers and installers
– final quality control

Turnkey property houses in Puglia

Turnkey property houses in Puglia: from contemporary design to renovating traditional buildings such as trulli and masserie, we offer “turnkey” projects, supplying all the services required to provide a property that is ready to move in to. Working to an agreed schedule, our projects can be completed in around 18 months, including the time necessary for obtaining permits and other official documentation. Our integrated services allow us to assist you through every stage of your project, from purchase to architectural development, construction and interior design; all this in one of Puglia’s most beautiful areas, the Valle d’Itria.

Our comprehensive package of turnkey property houses in Puglia offers you the following benefits:

  1. An immediate understanding of the project’s final price
  2. A hassle-free project from beginning to end
  3. The ability to choose the standard of finishings based on detailed specifications and previous projects
  4. Unlimited scope to tailor-make the project to your own requirements
  5. Advantageous prices compared to contracting separate companies

Houses for sale in puglia

Houses for sale in puglia: added value

All our projects, whether houses for sale in Puglia or new build or restoration, are enhanced by a number of added value services thanks to the choices we make on a daily basis:

1. Specially selected by us, our building plots are untouched and free from pesticides; they have views that are not obstructed by troublesome buildings or awkward infrastructure, such as unsightly pylons or noisy roads;

2. The relationship with the surrounding environment and an almost obsessive desire not to alter the landscape are the leitmotifs of our architect, Daniele Corsaro’s buildings. During the design phase, he places particular emphasis on the genius loci, respect for the relationship created between man and the identity of the chosen site. For him, architecture must always respect its site, become one with it and listen to its genius loci;

3. Daniele Corsaro’s designs are characterised both by formal rigour, of clean pared-down volumes, and by the complexity and radiance of the Mediterranean style, creating houses for sale in Puglia (both new and old) that are always harmonious and extremely elegant;

4. For our houses for sale in Puglia or new build or restoration a high-quality standard of finishings is guaranteed thanks to the use of materials such as Trani stone for the floorings, solid oak or steel for the window frames, and organic lime and marble basis plaster for the walls;

5. Every project is created to meet the tastes and requirements of our client, making it unique and unrepeatable. Your houses’s value will therefore increase over time and it will also provide an excellent ROI (return on investment) through holiday letting;

6. Eco-sustainability is assured thanks to efficient building insulation and the use of natural materials such as cork, lime, sand, marble dust and tuff;

7. We build with respect for ancient construction techniques, favouring traditional and local construction materials;

8. We design cutting-edge technological systems for the use of solar and geothermal energy in accordance with the requirements of European conformity certifications;

9. Our long-standing relationships with expert entrepreneurs and local craftsmen guarantee excellent results for every project.

10. Our projects are completed to a fixed cost agreed at the outset