Timeless Beauty
Unmatched Comfort
The villa is graced from a vast, landscaped estate spanning over one hectare, providing privacy, serenity, and generous space for outdoor activities. The garden is a living masterpiece, adorned with an array of native plants, ancient trees, shaded patios, gazebos, and an infinity pool, all harmoniously merging with the surrounding landscape.
The villa’s architecture is a manifestation of classic-contemporary style reimagined with local tradition. Natural stone facades and expansive glass elements create a sense of grandeur and unmatched beauty. Each room in the house is conceived with its private terrace, and attention to detail is scrupulously observed. Local natural materials and meticulous finishing touches impart a sense of refinement.

Welcome to the abode of your dreams,
welcome to Casa EFFE

Casa Effe is an embodiment of timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort. Nestled in an idyllic setting, this property stands as an exclusive haven for those in pursuit of a life characterized by refinement and sophistication. Every facet of this home has been meticulously designed to offer an extraordinary experience.
The outdoor spaces are equally impressive. An extensive terrace overlooking the surrounding valley provides the perfect setting for entertaining guests, while the infinity pool with views of the coastline framed by olive trees and oaks is an idyllic sanctuary for relaxation. The villa also features spacious guest rooms, ideal for hosting friends and family.

Where elegance meets serenity in every detail

The interior spaces seamlessly blend comfort and beauty. The main lounge is enhanced by a stately steel fireplace, while the dining room offers breathtaking garden vistas. The gourmet kitchen is a space where even the most accomplished chefs could unleash their creativity.
The villa boasts several master suites, each with its private bath, panoramic views, and direct access to private outdoor spaces. The outdoor area is a true haven of relaxation, with a fully equipped courtyard and an infinity-edge pool.
This villa is a work of art, a refuge of timeless elegance, and a symbol of a sophisticated lifestyle. With its idyllic surroundings, top-notch amenities, and unparalleled beauty, this is indeed the dwelling of your dreams. Live a life of uncompromising luxury in this magnificent villa that transforms each day into an extraordinary experience.

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