Rocco Petrosino

He graduated in engineering in 2006 from the Polytechnic of Bari. In the same year, he opened the “Rocco Petrosino Ingegnere” studio, gaining professional experience through collaborations with other engineering firms. Engaged in the design and calculation of the structures of private works, right from the start, he was awarded technical engineering services by the public administrations, which saw him as the designer and construction manager of numerous public works.
Passionate about architecture and an expert in reinforced concrete and steel structures, he has created load-bearing structures in complete synergy with the architectural interpretation desired by the designer of the work over the years. Research, the study of new materials at the service of the load-bearing structures, and updating regulations on seismic construction are his constant professional rule. Since 2016 he collaborates with the “Corsaro Architetti”, and from 2020 he is an integrated part.