Passion for design: country homes for sale in Puglia

country homes for sale in puglia

Country homes for sale in Puglia: exclusive projects in a magical place

What happens when the rational meets the artistic? What about when nature and modern comforts come together? Or when contemporary architectural techniques encounter local traditions?
The answer lies in our country homes for sale in Puglia!
When we decided to found Apulia Property Design it was for two main reasons: our passion for architecture and design and our profound love for Puglia, which we consider to be a unique place that allows you to be in contact with nature, a place where you can breathe in pure air and paint your life with the colours of its vegetation.

Another goal of ours is to give people the chance to live their dream. Everyone would love to live in a beautiful villa with a lush garden and an amazing swimming pool, but most people think this is only possible in the movies.
Of course, that’s only until they see what we can create!
The professionalism, creativity and passion of our staff make it possible to achieve ambitious goals.
Most of our buildings are surrounded by typical Puglian vegetation, among olive trees and vineyards, far from the noise, traffic, smog, and hustle and bustle of city life.
These beautiful homes are located in the picturesque setting of the sun-drenched Puglian countryside yet offer the elegance, warmth and comfort of an ordinary townhouse.
Once you return home, everything else disappears and there is nothing but you, your world and your life.

Nothing happens by chance in our country homes for sale in Puglia

Everything is thought through with a specific purpose, to bring harmony and beauty to the space. For example, the glass walls we use in some of our houses have a dual function: they give the house a modern look, so that it feels like living in a skyscraper in a large city, but they also offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to relax and meditate in front of all this natural beauty.
Why not take a look at our real estate for sale in Puglia? In addition to new-build projects, we also offer restoration projects for ancient buildings just waiting to be transformed into stunning gems.