Puglia, a sea of olive groves

country properties for sale in puglia

Elegant country properties for sale in Puglia, among the wonderful olive groves

A quick glance at the Apulian countryside is all you need to understand that olive trees are undoubtedly one of the landscape’s most characteristic elements.
The region may well be the area with the highest number of olive groves in the world.
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Here, nature is home to countless species of plants, trees and flowers… in short, the Apulian countryside is pure magic.

However, olive groves are not mere decoration: the amount of olive oil produced in Puglia accounts for 40% of Italy’s entire production, which means that olives play a key role in the regional economy.
Olives are so typical of this area that many different types of olive oil are produced: Puglia is home to four DOP areas of protected origin.
The taste of Apulian olives and olive oil is special and it’s not by chance that people from all over the world appreciate this product so much.
Olive trees and olive oil have extremely ancient origins and have always been considered precious: in 2500 BC the trade in olive oil was already flourishing and the product was used as an ointment and medication, while the branches were used to adorn the tombs of pharaohs.
Olives and olive oil today play an important role in the Mediterranean diet because they offer many healthy properties and benefits. Olive oil is used to preserve and season vegetables and other dishes (as well as olives). It is also used to prepare many typical recipes, such as orecchiette, focaccia and bruschetta, to name but a few!

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