Sporting lifestyle in the countryside

homes for sale in the Puglian countryside

Come and live in one of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside: the best way to stay fit and healthy!

Living in the Puglian countryside brings great benefits. There is no doubt that contact with nature improves your mood and vitality, as well as boosting your immune system. Being surrounded by bright colours and fragrant scents is a true privilege and a medicine in its own right.
Also, if you enjoy keeping fit, you will have plenty of opportunity to stay in shape with your favourite sports. For example, exploring the magical region of the Itria Valley by bike is an exhilarating experience that will fill you with a sense of freedom. Long, leisurely rides are perfect for enjoying the fresh air, admiring the fantastic landscapes and visiting amazing places. The location of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside is perfect for all this.

Several itineraries allow you to experience some of the most beautiful parts of Puglia. These projects have been designed to safeguard the landscapes and promote the use of bikes, because everyone agrees that Puglia is too stunning to be spoilt!
One of these itineraries starts in Carovigno and ends in Fasano, where the Via Traiana and the Via Appia (two ancient roads that date back to Roman times) are like travelling back in time.
Between the two towns, you will cycle along picturesque roads lined by olive groves and unspoilt vistas, giving you the chance to see dolmens, archaeological sites, natural parks and other amazing attractions.
The “Ciclovia dell’acqua” (literally, the “bicycle path of the water”) is another beautiful itinerary that goes from Figazzano (a suburb of Cisternino) to Ceglie Messapica, boasting breath-taking views of the Itria Valley. Your stunning ride will see you cycle among trulli, farmhouses, olive groves and karst caves. The route owes its name to the fact that it runs along a section of the Apulian aqueduct: it represents the first part of a project that is eventually planned to stretch for 250 kilometres.

Enjoy nature and tradition in our houses for sale in the Puglian countryside!

Besides the natural beauty, you will also have an opportunity to taste typical food. For example, don’t miss Cisternino’s famously delicious meat or a “panino” from Ceglie Messapica: a kind of hot-dog filled with tuna, olive oil, strong provolone cheese, capers and mortadella. At this point you might start to wonder whether the experience is still healthy, but there are some foods you absolutely have to sample.
So, come and live in one of our homes for sale in the Puglian countryside and experience a new and exciting lifestyle.
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