Tenuta Silente

New build Puglia house project

Tenuta Silente is new build Puglia house project. This house is a new interpretation of the traditional “casa colonica” of Puglia known as a “masseria”, or manor farm. Enclosed within itself, it was inspired by the ancient Roman concept of a “hortus conclusus” or enclosed garden. The result will be a splendid villa with ample external spaces such as a panoramic terrace, a marvellous private patio, a large pool, a luxuriant garden within a courtyard and a relaxing meditation zone. The internal spaces are arranged to seamlessly link with the surrounding countryside, thus benefiting from its regenerative effect. The “masseria” could house more than a single family and could be provided with sub-units for use as annexes or guest cottages.

State: project for a contemporary masseria, land 15.000 m², total surface area circa 300 m², 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms + wc, living room with fireplace, kitchen and utility room, entrance road, parking area.