Properties for sale in Puglia, the land of wine

properties for sale in puglia

A “tasty” life in our properties for sale in Puglia

Would you like to live in one of our elegant properties for sale in Puglia, in the unspoiled countryside, with every possible modern convenience? In touch with nature, ancient traditions and memories of the past….
The buildings that Apulia Property Design restores and builds are located in a land where millions of trees, orchards, olive groves and vines have been planted over the course of time.

For example, the history of the grapevine in Puglia is very ancient and it is said that the plant has always existed in this region. Its presence may even date back to the period preceding Greek colonisation, in the 8th century B.C. Many of the vines that are now considered to be indigenous were imported by the Greeks, who also introduced new methods of cultivation.
The Romans were equally keen on Puglian wine. Pliny the Elder and Horace, for example, wrote important accounts of cultivation techniques, expressing their love for the flavour of Puglia’s wines. Pliny described Puglia as “viticulosa” (i.e. rich in vines).
After a period of crisis due to the fall of the Roman Empire, the production of wine entered a new phase of success in the Middle Ages, thanks to the region’s monks. Since then, wine production has become one of Puglia’s most distinctive traits, so much so that, during the Renaissance, it was prized both abroad, particularly in France, and at the tables of society’s elite.
Unfortunately, phylloxera, then began to blight vines in Northern Italy and across Europe, leading Puglia to produce and export huge amounts of wine. Eventually phylloxera also reached Puglia, causing significant difficulties. Over the years to come, the substitution of local vines with new varieties and the founding of several wine cooperatives led to considerable wine production, although quality was neglected. It was not until after the Second World War that people began to realise the importance of quality in wine-making, but the full potential of local vines was not recognised until the 1990s.
Today, Puglia is one of Italy’s main producers in terms of quantity, which is why the region has taken on the role of a wine “reservoir”, not just for Italy, but also for Europe as a whole. There are many different grape varieties with great potential, such as Negroamaro, Primitivo and Uva di Troia, some of which have unsurprisingly become world-renowned.

A good reason, for wine lovers, to consider properties for sale in Puglia!

Wouldn’t it be magical to be sitting by the pool at your luxury property, sipping delicious wine amid Puglia’s vineyards, knowing that your drink comes from that very soil?