Property for sale near Castellana Grotte

property for sale near castellana grotte

Discover the outstanding beauties of Itria Valley. Take a look at our property for sale near Castellana Grotte

If you’ve never been to Puglia, you might not fully understand why we chose this wonderful region for our projects.
The nature is amazing, the landscapes are breath-taking, the vegetation is dense and the climate is warm… Puglia has all the ingredients to make your life exciting and bring happiness into it.
Moreover, our properties are located in strategic positions, putting you on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful parts of the Itria Valley and allowing you to grasp the very essence of Puglia.
For example, are you looking for a property for sale near Castellana Grotte, Alberobello or Ostuni?

The unusual town full of trulli is world-renowned, while the “White Town” is widely appreciated by tourists from all corners of the globe. But the caves of Castellana are undoubtedly also a must-see in the Itria Valley: this underground marvel casts its spell over everyone, adults and children alike.
The three-kilometre route explores an amazing scenery of stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, concretions, canyons and incredible shapes. It’s a surreal place that often gives rise to indescribable feelings as you are confronted by evidence of what nature has been able to create over roughly 90 million years.
Dim light, earthy colours and cool temperatures provide an astonishing experience. Not all of Puglia’s beauty lies on the surface: there are plenty of secrets to be discovered little by little.
Guided tours are available for visitors to this 70-metre deep kingdom: you can choose between a complete itinerary (3 km in about 2 hours) and a partial itinerary (1 km in about 50 minutes).
During the tour you might also run into some animals that have made their homes in the caves: bats, crustaceans and bees are the most typical.

Don’t you wish to own one of our countryside properties for sale?

Now you know the amazing and unexpected things Puglia has to offer… and this is why we think you should consider purchasing a property for sale near Castellana Grotte.
Puglia never stops surprising you!