Property Management

Property Management is the key to a successful holiday villa is the smooth running of arrivals, departures, maintenance and security. Unless you live very near your own property in Puglia and have time to look after it and your guests, you will need to employ someone reliable locally to do it all for you.
Apulia property design has been managing about ten properties in Puglia. With our experience and connections, you can rely on us to manage your property too.

How can we help you?

  • We are local so that we can check on your property regularly. The house and grounds can be damaged in bad weather, so we are on hand to fix it and ensure the house is secure.
  • A clean house and open pool on arrival. Without a local team to prepare for your arrival or guests, your property will not have been aired and cleaned since your last visit, the pool will not be open, the garden will be overgrown, and there may be things to repair. We see to all of that, so you don’t need to.
  • Repairs and renovations are done while you are away. You can instruct us to supervise any work needed in the house or garden in your absence so you can enjoy a fully functioning home when you return.
  • We welcome guests & troubleshoot on your behalf. Before you or your guests arrive, we check your property to ensure it is all in good working order. If any issues or emergencies arise relating to your villa, we are on hand to deal with it.
  • We help you translate and understand Italian property regulations. We can guide you through Italian bureaucracy on a local, regional and national level relating to property taxes, insurance and rental authorisation.
  • Financial management is taken care of. We can manage payments regarding property expenses and provide you with a regular account of account to keep track of your expenses.
  • Regular communication. We prefer to be in touch with you regularly, at least once per month, to advise on maintenance, booking updates and to give you advice about any upgrades and photography needed to improve your booking performance.

Through our trusted partner network, we can offer the same level of services and property management to villas and apartments located in Puglia