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Renovation projects for sale in Puglia: the essence of both the countryside and the sea!

The landscapes, atmosphere and climate of the place in which you live can say a great deal about your personality.
Some people adore the countryside, others love the mountains and others still prefer the sea. Some people like hot countries while others prefer cooler regions.
However, this preference is not always so marked.
If you fall into the category of those who like both the countryside and the sea, Puglia is perfect for your needs. In fact, our renovation projects for sale in Puglia give you the opportunity to experience the essence of the Apulian countryside while still being within easy reach of many seaside towns that boast wonderful, crystal-clear waters.

In this respect, it’s impossible not to mention Fasano and its surroundings, some of which offer fantastic beaches that are often awarded Blue Flag certification.
In Savelletri, for example, spectacular rocky and sandy beaches alternate, becoming magical places to relax and sunbathe during the summer. Also during the warmer months, you can take a stroll to the Sunday market. Breathe in the typical air of a coastal town with a visit to the small port where you can sense the village’s fishing traditions. It’s not by chance that Savelletri is home to numerous fishmongers and restaurants where you can sample delicious seafood dishes. Sea urchins represent one of the most widely consumed and popular foods, especially from February to April and from July to October. You can find and taste them in virtually every restaurant.

A “tasty” and relaxing lifestyle in our homes for sale in Puglia!

Once you have fulfilled your longing for the sea, you can return home to the unspoilt Puglian countryside. Our renovation projects for sale in Puglia will give you the chance to live in a modern house with every possible comfort, but in the heart of a stunning landscape: a veritable remedy for the stresses and strains of everyday life!
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