Seaside house for sale in Puglia, in Polignano

seaside house for sale in puglia

Seaside house for sale in Puglia: enjoy the beautiful sea of Polignano

When it comes to Puglia, many people start thinking about nature and the countryside. Maybe not everybody knows how beautiful the sea of Puglia can be.
Thanks to our seaside house for sale in Puglia, you can have a direct experience!
The Adriatic coast boasts some tracts where the water is so crystal-clear and the colour of the beach is so vivid, that it feels like being in a Caribbean country.
Among these wonderful places, it’s impossible not to mention the beautiful, peculiar town of Polignano a Mare.

The medieval taste, the alleys, the high city walls and the rocks overhanging the sea make the historic centre something unique and create an amazing landscape.
The part of the historical centre overlooking the sea is a suggestive place affording a fantastic view on the crystal-clear waters. It feels like living in another dimension, in a surreal world… in a veritable postcard!
Of course, everyone would love to live in a place like this, in sunny Puglia, and experience the authentic atmosphere of Apulian boroughs, with the vitality of the children playing in the streets, the scent of the clothes hanging out to dry, the smell of the traditional dishes…
A true paradise, a chance to go back in time and forget everything else.

This lifestyle is a real possibility thanks to our properties for sale in Puglia

In fact, the offer of Apulia Property Design also includes a period building overlooking the scenic cliffs of Polignano. A large terrace is available, from which you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the unrivalled sea of Polignano. Every detail talk about past times and every space is really suggestive. A privileged position that affords a peaceful lifestyle. You can go out and breathe the fresh air and its salty smell, exploring the peculiar narrow streets that hide charming buildings and ancient secrets, reach the shore and bathe in the sea…
You can enjoy all the benefits of the sea air and be in contact with the Apulian warm environment…
So, if you are looking for seaside houses for sale in Puglia, this is the right place for you!
Invite a dream in your life!