Architecture and Construction in Puglia

Architecture and Construction in Puglia

We plan, build and restore unique and exclusive homes in up-and-coming Puglia, renowned for its crystal blue sea and dazzling white villages.

We love to help our clients find scenic plots or old trulli to create an architectural concept and build a home that meets the highest standards. Architect Daniele Corsaro’s architectural language complements the natural colours of the Puglian landscape, building in large picture windows that let you make the most of the beauty that surrounds you.

If choosing a new build property allows you the freedom to tailor-make your house to your own personal tastes, down to the very last detail, undertaking a restoration project gives you the chance to turn a traditional Puglian building into your dream home. Whether you have your heart set on a masseria farmhouse or a typical trullo, our experienced specialist craftsmen use only traditional, local and sustainable materials to ensure the finished building fits into its surroundings perfectly. Our team are also on hand to provide technical and bureaucratic support at every step of the building process, relying on local knowledge and expertise to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and to a pre-determined budget and schedule.

“If you invest in Beauty it will remain with you all the days of your life”

– Frank Lloyd Wright –