Houses for sale in puglia: added value

Houses for sale in puglia

All our projects, whether houses for sale in Puglia or new build or restoration, are enhanced by a number of added value services thanks to the choices we make on a daily basis:

1. Specially selected by us, our building plots are untouched and free from pesticides; they have views that are not obstructed by troublesome buildings or awkward infrastructure, such as unsightly pylons or noisy roads;

2. The relationship with the surrounding environment and an almost obsessive desire not to alter the landscape are the leitmotifs of our architect, Daniele Corsaro’s buildings. During the design phase, he places particular emphasis on the genius loci, respect for the relationship created between man and the identity of the chosen site. For him, architecture must always respect its site, become one with it and listen to its genius loci;

3. Daniele Corsaro’s designs are characterised both by formal rigour, of clean pared-down volumes, and by the complexity and radiance of the Mediterranean style, creating houses for sale in Puglia (both new and old) that are always harmonious and extremely elegant;

4. For our houses for sale in Puglia or new build or restoration a high-quality standard of finishings is guaranteed thanks to the use of materials such as Trani stone for the floorings, solid oak or steel for the window frames, and organic lime and marble basis plaster for the walls;

5. Every project is created to meet the tastes and requirements of our client, making it unique and unrepeatable. Your houses’s value will therefore increase over time and it will also provide an excellent ROI (return on investment) through holiday letting;

6. Eco-sustainability is assured thanks to efficient building insulation and the use of natural materials such as cork, lime, sand, marble dust and tuff;

7. We build with respect for ancient construction techniques, favouring traditional and local construction materials;

8. We design cutting-edge technological systems for the use of solar and geothermal energy in accordance with the requirements of European conformity certifications;

9. Our long-standing relationships with expert entrepreneurs and local craftsmen guarantee excellent results for every project.

10. Our projects are completed to a fixed cost agreed at the outset