Trullo Monaci

Restored trullo in Locorotondo

Trullo Monaci is a restored trullo in Locorotondo The purchase process of Trullo dei Monaci was long and complicated. The property had several owners who could not come to an agreement. We spent a lot of time mediating between the clients and their relatives, struggling to find a meeting point at the right price. Finally, in summer 2010 our clients were able to sign the purchase deed and we could start planning the project. It was wonderful working with our clients, who were both from London, because they had the same vision, the same taste and the same sensitivity as the architect Daniele Corsaro. They agreed on almost every planning decision, making the process of project implementation fluid and creative. The result is an amazing house. Located in the unspoilt Puglian countryside between the two historic, whitewashed hill towns of Locorotondo and Cisternino, the house combines rustic charm and contemporary design. Trullo Monaci is a restoration project that is the result of a slow and delicate transition from ruin to new construction. The original trullo already contained all the potential and characteristics its future owners were looking for: authenticity, seclusion and elegance. Thus the architect, through meticulous restructuring, created a comfortable and timeless dwelling, where modernity grafts itself naturally on to the pre-existing structure, creating an intimate link with the surrounding natural environment. This inspiring property is the perfect place to unwind. The garden has views over the surrounding countryside and evening sunsets can be enjoyed from the pool area. A secluded courtyard outside the kitchen and master bedroom is ideal for breakfast, and a fig tree courtyard near the pool offers shaded areas for relaxing in the afternoon. Time has now come for the next project: the owner intends to begin the renovation of the second trullo located in the property. A new project, a new challenge!