modern homes for sale in puglia

Modern homes for sale in Puglia, near the “White Towns”

Modern homes for sale in Puglia: original projects in a special setting

It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen wonderful Puglia as the place to bring our projects to life. We really do love and appreciate the beauty of our region, so rich in vegetation, sunlight, stunning landscapes and fantastic towns and cities.
There are so many architectural gems to visit and so many beautiful things to see. People from all over the world know it well and fall under Puglia’s spell every year.
Many of our modern homes for sale in Puglia are within reach of the main centres, giving you the chance to explore five of Italy’s twelve “white towns”.

Ostuni, an unusual spot situated on three hills in the province of Brindisi, is undoubtedly the most important, with its fully whitewashed historic centre. It is said that the lime, which works as a natural disinfectant, played a decisive role in saving the town from a plague epidemic during the 17th century. This “sea” of white is very picturesque, both in the morning, with the sunlight, and at sunset, when the walls of the buildings reflect the warm colours.
There are also plenty of whitewashed buildings in the circular historic centre of Locorotondo. Wander among its arches, staircases, alleyways and balconies, embellished with flowers and plants with vivid colours that create a beautiful contrast with the white walls.
We also recommend a visit to Cisternino, which has been categorised as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Getting lost among its alleyways full of unusual buildings is an exciting experience that everyone should try. Cisternino is also popular and well-known for the quality of the excellent meat served in its restaurants.
A few kilometres away, in the province of Taranto, lies Martina Franca, a jewel of Baroque and Rococo architecture.
Last but not least, Ceglie Messapica has a medieval historic centre with a Swabian tower and a wonderful castle. The whitewash was used here to brighten up the town’s narrow streets.
These are just the main features of these amazing towns but there are plenty of other corners to see and explore; it would be impossible to cover them all here. The only answer is to come to Puglia and discover it all for yourself!

What if you fall in love with the cosy, warm buildings you see and feel like making your home here forever?
Just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to make your dream come true.
Our modern homes for sale in Puglia also include typical buildings that have been redesigned, renovated and equipped with all modern comforts.
Wouldn’t it be magical to live in a trullo?

real estate in puglia

Real estate in Puglia

Real estate in Puglia: out-of-the-ordinary projects for a dreamy life

Puglia, a wonderful region rich in vegetation and breath-taking landscapes, has a warm climate and is amazing in every season: it offers warm winters and long summers, while autumn and spring are also enchanting.
Have you ever considered purchasing real estate in Puglia? It’s a good opportunity to see it with your own eyes.
Living in this region is a true privilege: everything is imbued with a sense of history and tradition that tells a story of ancient times.
Architecture, for example…

Puglia’s traditional trulli provide remarkable examples of drywall (mortarless) construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in the Itria Valley. Trulli are made of roughly worked limestone boulders collected from neighbouring fields. Characteristically, they feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built using corbelled limestone slabs (called “chiancarelle”); still today, these are obtained by smashing stone blocks by hand, exactly as they would have been 300 years ago. UNESCO decided to recognise these buildings as being of outstanding universal value, exceptional examples of a form of construction derived from prehistoric building techniques that have survived intact and fully-functioning into the modern world.
Puglia’s masserie, or traditional farmhouses, are the best way to experience the authenticity of the region. They were once the centre of vast areas of land dedicated to cultivation and grazing, providing residences for the landowners and their employees during the summer months. Today, many masserie have been restored and converted into restaurants and small charming hotels. Ideal for those who like to immerse themselves in nature in search of peace and relaxation, the masserie in Salento and the Puglia countryside characterise and make the landscapes of the region unique.
Puglia has many examples of sumptuous houses, noble palaces and mansions, decked out in the grandiose Baroque splendour of the 17th century, witnesses to the region’s rich past. These elegant houses enrich the landscape, making Puglia a place to linger in order to fully appreciate its beauty. These buildings are particularly common in the Itria Valley, in the towns of Ostuni and Cisternino: a fantastic area, it boasts a landscape made up mainly of olive groves and orchards and is also close to the sea, lending it an even more exceptional quality.

We bet that now you want to buy real estate in Puglia!

Wouldn’t it be magical to live in this rural landscape today, in one of these unusual dwellings? Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the chance to renovate one of these houses, adding modern comforts? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to live in a trullo or a villa with a swimming pool, sports facilities or a private garden?
Everything is possible with Apulia Property Design: your dreams can come true! You can renovate or purchase real estate in Puglia and go back in time, surrounded by fresh air, nature, wonderful sea, stunning landscapes, flourishing vegetation, excellent food and Puglian traditions.