Splendid houses for sale in Puglia

renovated houses for sale in puglia

Are you looking for renovated houses for sale in Puglia?

Would you like to own a property in the countryside of the Itria Valley? Are you searching for an amazing natural setting for your home?
You’ve come to the right place!
Apulia Property Design offers fantastic houses surrounded by the breath-taking landscapes of the “heel” of Italy. The professionalism of its architects and designers makes it possible to create unique projects in a dream location.
Their style is modern, elegant and refined, and includes all the comforts of a townhouse in a natural setting that embodies the very essence of Puglia.
The “heel” of Italy is a region that offers great value, not only in terms of its scenery but also for the quantity of the resources available locally.
By sheer coincidence, one of the most common is of vital importance as a construction material: stone.
Used for some of our renovated houses for sale in Puglia, it allows us to give you a final product that is Apulian through and through!

The largest quarries can be found in Apricena, Trani and Lecce, but Fasano and Ostuni also offer significant quantities of material.
The availability of marble and stone depends on the geological composition of the Apulian soil, which is rich in limestone. Thanks to the strong presence of this resource in the region, Puglia plays a significant role on both the domestic and international markets.
Historically, the limestone deposits in Trani were the largest and Trani stone is the most widely used material in Puglia. This makes it very easy to find in many historic centres and even in Romanesque cathedrals and Swabian castles.
Trani stone is compact and ductile, allowing it to be used externally and in areas with marked thermal excursion.

We choose the best for our elegant homes for sale in Puglia

The combination of all these features make precious Puglian stone an unmistakeable choice as a building material for our projects and one that adds further value to our houses. We aim to give our customers something unique, because we think everyone should have the chance to live in Puglia.
Contact us for further information and treat yourself to a jewel of a property!