Healthy life in the Puglian countryside

country houses for sale in puglia

Country houses for sale in Puglia: have you ever considered changing your lifestyle?

The amazing views and landscapes of the Apulian countryside have magical powers: they can lift your heart and mind.
With sparkling colours, fragrant scents and relaxing sounds all around you, it’s impossible to feel sad or worried. So, it’s time to think about looking for modern country houses for sale in Puglia!
The country life is perfect for recovering your inner balance, peace of mind, zest for life and general well-being.
In fact, living in the countryside can also have a positive impact on your body.
There are countless activities you can do while surrounded by unspoilt nature in order to keep in shape, but above all… …you’re in Puglia, the land of fine food!

Enjoy everything you need for correct nutrition while benefitting from healthy foods, naturally tasty produce and simple, delicious recipes.
You must have heard about the famous Mediterranean diet, typical of Southern Italy, which even became UNESCO heritage listed in 2013.
This diet includes a variety of foods and nutrients, which is exactly what makes it so healthy.
Cereals, pulses, fruit, vegetables and olive oil represent the main food groups; the consumption of fish, dairy products and wine is recommended in moderation, while meat is kept to a minimum.
A positive impact on health depends on the high consumption of vegetables (which reduces feelings of hunger) and a perfect balance between the nutrients. Several studies have shown that this way of eating can reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease. Blood pressure is lowered as well as levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugars in the blood. The consumption of cereals prevents constipation and colon disorders and, generally speaking, the Mediterranean diet provides our body with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals we need.
Apulian cuisine offers countless ways to combine these ingredients to create delicious recipes: your palate will be satisfied while your body, health and shape will be grateful.

If we were you, we’d start searching for beautiful country houses for sale in Puglia right now.

You see, living in Puglia is always a good choice, even when it comes to food!
The landscapes and stunning views make life in the countryside truly magical.
Add a special house with a modern style and all the comforts of a townhouse and it’s hard to believe that a life like this could be real. But it is!
So, don’t hesitate any longer! Contact us for a quote.